Rogue Startups

Follow the journey as two startup founders share their lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid along the way to growing their businesses.

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Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS273: Relentless Focus

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Never before in history has it been easier for talented individuals to escape the confines of the rat race society and go down their own path.  Our hope is to inspire and educate you on how successful startup entrepreneurs have done that.  This is no pie in the sky podcast with esoteric BS about business, Make Money Online schemes, and any other “flash in the pan” type business.  This is for people just like you and me who know there must be a better way, and want to find it.

Meet the Hosts

Dave Rodenbaugh

Dave has been building businesses for over 20 years and bootstrapping WordPress plugins since 2009.  Business Directory is his latest plugin.  Dave’s background includes freelance consulting, project management, lead developer, and customer support.  He brings all of these to bear when working to make people successful with Business Directory Plugin.  He also owns the sister classifieds plugin AWPCP.

In late 2016 Dave became the happy new owner of Recapture, an abandoned cart recovery email solution for Magento and Shopify.

When not chasing his 3 kids around telling them to clean their room and do their homework, he likes hiking with his family in the Colorado mountains and exploring new restaurants with his lovely wife.  He has an unnatural obsession with the perfect margarita.

Craig Hewitt

Craig is an entrepreneur at heart who has started a 6 figure business before and is back at it again.  With most of his experience being in engineering and technical sales, Craig is bringing a different spin on a lot of the topics that we discuss on the podcast.

Craig is the founder of Castos, a podcast hosting solution integrated with their Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin.  

Aside from spending as much time as possible with his two young kids and wonderful wife, Craig enjoys trail running and being a moderately obsessed beer snob.  Who can blame him right?

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Rogue Startups

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Follow along as Dave and Craig share their lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid along the way as they build their businesses.