RS075: Running a WordPress Based Business with Phil Derksen

Today Dave and I sit down with Phil Derksen of WP SimplePay Pro to talk through best practices in running a WordPress product business.  Phil and Dave are now veterans of the WP plugin space, and now that Craig is finding his way into the WordPress dev community it’s a nice time to have this […]

RS068: Is WordPress a Viable SaaS Framework?

This week Dave and I are tossing around the idea of using WordPress to power your SaaS app. Whether this means just an easier, potentially quicker way to get an MVP up, or maybe even running the entire app long term. There are numerous examples of this being done successfully, and I think many people […]

RS048: Giant Warning Signs Early – WordPress Plugin Development Project #3

An early warning sign from our previous plugin topic leaves us back at the drawing board.  With a few lessons learned now it’s time to have a better way of identifying problems, and solving problems. Our previous topic of an on-page user analytics tool similar to a CrazyEgg, KissMetrics type analogy, specifically for WordPress came […]

RS047: Solving Tough Problems – WordPress Plugin Development Project #2

In this episode we talk through several different approaches to finding tough problems to solve, good markets to get into, and how we’re going about choosing both of them. Good markets are ones that you can either get quick traction in, or are large enough for you to take a small corner of the market […]

RS046: Live WordPress Plugin Development Project #1

Today Dave and I begin the first of a multi part series around developing a WordPress plugin, live on the air.  We will go from problem statement, to product validation, to preselling, to outsourcing development, and finally to launching and selling the plugin. As with most things in the bootstrapped startup world this will be […]

RS027: Brad Touesnard on Building a WordPress Empire

On this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast we welcome fellow WordPress guru Brad Touesnard to the show.  Brad is founder of the custom web application firm Delicious Brains, co-host of the Apply Filters Podcast, and owner of WP Migrate DB Pro.  As Brad discusses he has always leaned towards entrepreneurship as a path in […]

RS022: Changing Lives, One Plugin at a Time with Pippin Williamson

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today Dave and I are excited to catch up with Pippin Williamson.  Pippin is the founder of and creator of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, and AffiliateWP, to name a few.  In the world of WordPress Pippin is a giant. In the episode we […]