RS077: MicroSaaS with Tyler Tringas

Today I’m excited to welcome on Tyler Tringas to the show.  Tyler is a bootstrapped SaaS founder who has been very gracious with sharing a lot of his lessons, tips, and tricks in growing StoreMapper in the past few years. Tyler’s story is a great one, and one I hope most of us can relay […]

RS032: 7 Times when SaaS is Totally Wrong For Your Business

SaaS and recurring revenue are all the rage.  But after a trip to MicroConf Europe Craig came back with a totally different view of what the potential for one time downloadable software can offer.  And it spurred on a really interesting train of thought around when SaaS is wrong of your business, how you can […]

RS027: Brad Touesnard on Building a WordPress Empire

On this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast we welcome fellow WordPress guru Brad Touesnard to the show.  Brad is founder of the custom web application firm Delicious Brains, co-host of the Apply Filters Podcast, and owner of WP Migrate DB Pro.  As Brad discusses he has always leaned towards entrepreneurship as a path in […]

RS026: Finding, Hiring, and Managing Remote Team Members

[podcast_motor_player url=”″ title=”RS026: Finding, Hiring, and Managing Remote Team Members”] Welcome to Episode 26 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today Dave and I jump into the world of finding, hiring, and managing a remote team.  Specifically we’re focusing on managing technical staff, namely developers, and how to bring this process from beginning to end successfully. […]

RS023: Perseverance with Anders Pedersen of TimeBlock

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today Dave and I welcome Anders Pedersen of TimeBlock.  Going along with the theme of the uber popular Zen Founder podcast and talking about origin themes of founders, we wanted to share a really special one with you today. Anders has a marked past of managing […]

RS011: What Is Your One Thing?

Welcome to Episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast. This week Dave discusses his top take-aways from Microconf, a popular “self funded” conference held every April to connect founders who are creating online businesses and doing it with non-typical startup funding methods. Dave’s top topics include a talk from Steli from on pursuing the deal […]

RS003: Dave Rodenbaugh on SupportVine, Buying Websites, and Outsourcing Development

Sit down and prepare yourself for a massive knowledge bomb!  This week I sit down for a really fantastic conversation with startup founder Dave Rodenbaugh.  With extensive experience in Java development for companies as large as NBC, Dave has been strategically moving his focus towards building his portfolio of web properties.  In the conversation today […]

RS002 – Dave Schneider on Ninja Outreach and Life as a Digital Nomad

Welcome to the Rogue Startups Podcast, Episode 2 with David Schneider.  David is an internet entrepreneur and has been living the digital nomad lifestyle for several years now.  Learning many of the fundamentals of SEO, marketing, and entrepreneurship over the course of a 2 year trip around the world, David quickly realized that his vision […]