RS309: Growth Fundamentals Most Founders Get Wrong

Alison French joins Craig behind the mic today to talk about ICP and go-to-market strategy, as well as the challenges that bootstrap founders have. We can all overcome these struggles with the right tools, systems, outlook, and determination. She commiserates with Craig about what bootstrappers have to go through and also gives some great advice … Read more

RS308: Programmatic SEO with Stuart Brameld

Creating content that will engage readers and appease the algorithm gods is a difficult task. That’s where Stuart Brameld comes in. He is here today to share his insights on growth, marketing, programmatic SEO, and content creation with Craig and the Rogue Startup listeners. He also talks about how Growth Method can help your company … Read more

RS307: Doing Less and Doing It Better

Learning valuable lessons on your journey to success can take a while. Today, Craig shares his insights on this topic as it correlates to Castos and to his goal of creating 200 episodes in 2024. (Spoiler alert: things are going well for him.) Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say no to something. … Read more

RS303: After The Desert

In this solo episode, Craig talks through a recent mindset shift in the business. Going from Zero to One you need to put out so many fires, and do so many things, and then in the growth phase you’re constantly trying new approaches, channels, messages, and levers. Here in the post-growth, calm phase, Craig’s found … Read more

RS302: Beyond Content Marketing with Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington is an affiliate marketing, SEO, AI, and content marketing expert. Today, Craig and Doug chat about their experiences as founders and with web content, in hopes that they can learn from each other and pass along some tidbits of info to listeners. AI-generated content is everywhere these days. The content marketing industry is … Read more

RS301: Why Brands Grow with Marc Thomas

One of the biggest lessons Marc Thomas learned about creating engaging content was the importance of bringing in bits of his personality. Today, Craig talks with Marc Thomas about how he has made a name for himself in the world of content and brand growth. Marc emphasizes what some of us forgot: B2B content has … Read more