RS318: LinkedIn Content That Converts

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RS318: LinkedIn Content That Converts

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Today Craig is chatting with Nemanja Zivkovic about conversion on LinkedIn. This is the crux of LinkedIn for a lot of us, as B2B SaaS founders, especially indie or bootstrapped businesses. So how do you find opportunities on LinkedIn for you? How do you use LinkedIn to drive more engagement, resulting in deals and dollars?

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Highlights from Craig and Nemanja’s conversation:

  • Common objections to being more active on LinkedIn
  • The narrative, structure, and intention behind LinkedIn engagement and posts
  • Differentiating yourself with unique points of view and varied content on LinkedIn
  • B2B: Solving problems instead of selling
  • Building trust on LinkedIn through diverse post types
  • How engagement fosters relationships and leads to conversions
  • Using feedback forms to understand customer origins
  • Fast-tracking responses with templates (no automation)
  • Maximizing company synergy in LinkedIn posts
  • Ensuring visibility by reaching out to expand your network’s reach

A Little About Nemanja:

Nemanja started as a strategist and began with a startup where he served as CMO, repeating this role across various sectors. His experience spans from COO roles with heightened responsibilities to founding his company in 2020. This diverse exposure has shaped his unique perspective on B2B growth, blending B2C insights to fill industry gaps.

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