RS316: Getting 100k LinkedIn Followers

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RS316: Getting 100k LinkedIn Followers

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In today’s episode, Craig welcomes Sam Browne. They take a deep dive into the ever-evolving landscape of LinkedIn, the premier platform for professionals seeking to expand their network and amplify their influence.

With Sam’s expert advice and practical tips, they guide listeners through proven strategies for personal branding, lead generation, and relationship building. Tune in as they tackle pressing questions like content recycling, imposter syndrome, and the future of video on LinkedIn. Whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn aficionado or a newcomer eager to make your mark, this episode promises invaluable insights to propel your career forward.

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Highlights from Craig and Sam’s conversation:

  • LinkedIn is where the money is when it comes to social media.
  • Regarding topics to post on LinkedIn: choose a primary niche but don’t shy away from others you are interested in because that contributes to your personal brand.
  • Because social media is so transient, should you recycle content every 90 days?
  • Treat LinkedIn as more than just lead generation and make CTAs low-friction.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome: you’re not alone.
  • Observe and analyze the feedback and comments you receive.
  • Commenting versus posting: where should your focus go?
  • The different personas we adopt on various social media platforms.
  • The best way to build relationships on LinkedIn.
  • Craig’s 30-Day LinkedIn Gameplan.
  • Steps to best optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Video is the future on LinkedIn and other forms of social media.

A Little About Sam:

Sam has over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn. He’s a lifestyle entrepreneur and a growth and income LinkedIn expert. He loves to help entrepreneurs grow their audience and generate income on LinkedIn. He works with clients about anything and everything regarding LinkedIn, from optimizing profiles to creating great content ideas to forming a brand that stands out.

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