RS315: $8 LinkedIn Ad Leads

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Rogue Startups
RS315: $8 LinkedIn Ad Leads

Optimize your company’s retention, and supercharge growth with Churnkey.

In this episode Craig sits down with Matt Hayman from Linklo to talk through how we as SaaS founders can set up cost effective LinkedIn ads.

Matt has strong experience in building B2B lead flows for a variety of companies, and out of that experience saw the pain for a more customizable LinkedIn ads experience.

In the episode Matt breaks down his formula for a 3-step ad sequence that consistently gets him and his clients leads from LinkedIn for less than $8.

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Highlights from Craig and Matt Hayman’s conversation:

  • Ways that you can think of LinkedIn from a high-level conceptual standpoint
  • Maximizing lead generation with cost-effective LinkedIn Ads
  • Enhancing Brand Identity and Effectiveness Strategies
  • The importance of clarity on ICP (ideal customer profile)
  • Building emotional connections with prospects is the key to succession engagement
  • The goldmine of opportunity from the prospects that come from early calls
  • How Linklo can help you and your company
  • What you bring to the table and how your personality manifests in your demos

A Little About Matt:

Matt knows LinkedIn Ads. Founder of He’s passionate about changing the way agencies and advertisers manage LinkedIn Ads at scale. 

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