RS312: Hacking LinkedIn

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RS312: Hacking LinkedIn

In today’s episode, Craig is joined by Adam Shaw from Marketing for Founders to talk about precise and overarching marketing strategies. Adam’s expertise lies in navigating Reddit and LinkedIn, two social media platforms that B2B SaaS entrepreneurs often neglect. Together, they explore Adam’s techniques for Reddit, LinkedIn, and broader marketing principles. Should you focus on active marketing or passive marketing? How do you know how much time to put into marketing? What are good marketing strategies for new business owners? Check out this episode for the answers to these questions and more.

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Highlights from Craig and Adam’s conversation:

  • Utilizing your Reddit page as a landing page for your business
  • Optimizing LinkedIn as a platform to maximize its potential
  • Identifying which companies are suited for each social media platform
  • The Marketing for Founders service and model
  • Recognizing the flexibility inherent in marketing strategies; it’s not one size fits all
  • Consistency is the key to seeing results from marketing
  • When to engage in active marketing versus passive marketing
  • How much time should you spend on marketing?
  • When you should do your marketing on your own versus when to hire a marketer
  • Find where your customers are hanging out
  • Identifying the two biggest obstacles that might be impeding your scalability efforts

A Little About Adam:

Adam’s goal and vision for Marketing for Founders is to help B2B SaaS founders do their own marketing.

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