RS311: Does Your Business Pass The Test?

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RS311: Does Your Business Pass The Test?

Join Craig as he chats with Dan Andrews, renowned cohost of the Tropical MBA, a weekly podcast dedicated to bootstrapping businesses and entrepreneurship. Dan is also the founder and brains behind Dynamite Circle and Remote First Recruiting.

Today, they’re dishing out some expert advice about podcasting, content creation, and strategies for acquiring customers. Tune in to explore Dan’s opinions on the rapid evolution of AI and his tips on building thriving ventures.

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Highlights from Craig and Dan’s conversation:

  • Dan’s podcasting inspirations and his journey into the industry
  • Why Dan chose podcasting over any other platform
  • Is YouTube worth the effort?
  • Finding the overlap between creativity and growth
  • The importance of Investing in your team and treating your business like an investment
  • Getting over imposter syndrome and what your job is as an entrepreneur
  • Creating successful businesses versus businesses that are “just okay”
  • The difficulty of getting to $1 mil for a SaaS company
  • The lifecycle of the entrepreneur ecosystem
  • Predictions for bootstrapping and podcasting trends in the next 5 years

A Little About Dan and TropicalMBA:

Tropical MBA started in 2009 when hosts Dan and Ian wanted to meet other entrepreneurs for some celebration and commiseration. Most of their first episodes were just them, sharing what they learned about bootstrapping their own business until they concluded that journey with a multi-seven-figure exit. Both Dan and Ian have moved on to their next projects but continue to talk with entrepreneurs on their show.

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