RS309: Growth Fundamentals Most Founders Get Wrong

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RS309: Growth Fundamentals Most Founders Get Wrong

Alison French joins Craig behind the mic today to talk about ICP and go-to-market strategy, as well as the challenges that bootstrap founders have. We can all overcome these struggles with the right tools, systems, outlook, and determination. She commiserates with Craig about what bootstrappers have to go through and also gives some great advice for new startups and entrepreneurs. 

Alison runs a boutique sales and marketing consultancy all around B2B SaaS startups. She is the Marketing Gal who got bit by the revenue bug and became passionate about helping companies scale their revenue by focusing on the intersection of sales and marketing. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she specializes in assisting B2B founders and leaders who venture into new markets. Her ultimate goal is to help you build a robust sales and marketing infrastructure that not only streamlines lead generation but also maximizes your ability to close deals. And the best part? She does all this while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

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  • Why everyone sucks at execution.
    • Ideas are cheap. Execution is the hard thing.
    • Recognize how to get out of your own way and when to delegate
      • How can you delegate cheaply
      • Free up your time so you can do the higher-leverage tasks
    • Getting good content writers and/or a copy editor
      • The entire team needs to know the values and priorities of the company
  • People discount the importance of brand research and focus
    • ICP: marketing, content, 
  • When you’re taking a dollar of profit and reinvesting in growth, where do you focus?
    • Build a prospect list and then proactively nurture that small segment
    • Versium: matched audience media
    • The importance of retargeting
    • Your Dream 100
    • Cold E-mail: a balance of who you can go after, the right time, and the right place
  • Starting your bootstrapped B2B business today: where do you focus?
    • Look at your prospects, laser focus on your ICP
    • Recognizing you can’t do it all
      • Look at your tech-stack
      • Know, instantly, who you can delegate to
      • Throw tasks out into the world and see what happens
      • As a founder, you’re never going to find someone who can sell as much as you


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