RS307: Doing Less and Doing It Better

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RS307: Doing Less and Doing It Better

Learning valuable lessons on your journey to success can take a while. Today, Craig shares his insights on this topic as it correlates to Castos and to his goal of creating 200 episodes in 2024. (Spoiler alert: things are going well for him.)

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say no to something. As entrepreneurs and bootstrappers, we have ambitions and goals, but it’s not always feasible to say yes to everything you want to do. Those of us working in a micro-SaaS business can find more success by niching down and focusing all our efforts on making one great product or service. So…

Are you niched down as much as possible?

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  • Updates on Craig’s goal of 200 episodes goal
    • Gear fatigue and indecision
    • Finding a recording setup and format that works for you
    • Interviews versus solo episodes
    • The difficulties of video over audio content
  • Founder Minimalism
    • Doing well with one thing
    • Diversifying your products or services
    • Fighting the urge to do everything
  • Utilizing and building a personal brand
    • Indirect impact on you and your business
    • Making what you want to do a little easier
    • The steps to build and bolster your personal brand


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