RS306: YouTube Growth Secrets w/ Aaron Francis

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Rogue Startups
RS306: YouTube Growth Secrets w/ Aaron Francis

Making it big on any social media platform can be an arduous journey. You have to worry about your equipment. What looks good? What content is interesting right now? How do I get people to find me? YouTube has its own brand of problems too. How long do you make videos? What should the thumbnail look like? To script or not to script; that is one of many questions.

On today’s show, Craig welcomes Aaron Francis, software developer, content creator, and YouTube genius. Craig picks Aaron’s brain about his best practices when it comes to making videos and other content. They talk about what makes YouTube so special in the social media world. Not to mention, Aaron voices his opinion on personal brands. Loyal listeners already know Craig’s opinion. #TeamPersonalBrand

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  • Why choose to put your efforts into YouTube rather than other mediums
  • Different formats of video which will make you stand out
  • How podcasting works within a marketing plan
  • Overcomplicating your tech when you should focus on your content
  • Best practices and focuses that have worked well for Aaron
    • Understanding the pattern of content that works for YouTube
    • Adapting to the platform is important
    • Take a piece of content and wrap it in something more interesting and clickable
    • Have an angle, not necessarily a unique angle
    • With every video, make it feel like it’s your first video and no one knows you
  • The difference between content on YouTube versus other platforms
  • What Aaron has been up to lately
  • The power of a personal brand
    • A personal brand is valuable in general


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