RS305: Validating SaaS In An Enormous Market w/ Christopher Gimmer

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RS305: Validating SaaS In An Enormous Market w/ Christopher Gimmer

Is there such a thing as the perfect SaaS business? How are you creating your opportunities? Are you focusing on your end goal for your business? Today, Craig is joined by Christopher Gimmer from Snappa and Good Metrics. Chris talks about his path, which led him to founding multiple businesses and a successful exit. He dives into his decision-making process and how he finds his next big opportunity. As entrepreneurs who have 100% bootstrapped their businesses, Craig and Chris talk about their processes, successes, and lessons they have learned on their journeys.

It can be hard to realize, narrow down, and make big-picture decisions for your company, especially if you’ve built it yourself. Yes, it is your baby, but it’s important to realize when to let go and when to grasp new opportunities.

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  • Learning about best practice business models from previous endeavors
  • Expansion revenue vs low churn
  • The importance of keeping focused on business goals. Acquisition? Expansion? 
  • How Chris finds, makes, and determines new opportunities
  • Pricing and business models
  • How to be business-critical
  • Naming: when to bite the bullet
  • The status of Good Metrics
  • Marketing and differentiating yourself from your competition
  • Horizontal vs Vertical SaaS businesses


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Christopher Gimmer

Nathan Berry’s article, “Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups: from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR


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