RS304: What Is Google Doing?! (w/ Spencer Haws)

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RS304: What Is Google Doing?! (w/ Spencer Haws)

The world of SEO is changing at a rapid pace because of AI. How can we keep up? Can you still find, generate, and publish unique content online? The answer is yes. Google says that around 20% of online searches every day are ones they’ve never seen before. Here to talk about all that is SEO and keyword guru, Spencer Haws.

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast, Spencer and Craig both talk about how they use AI and how human writers can work with AI-generated content. Spencer also gives his crystal ball prediction of what SEO will look like in the next five years. They also chat about where the platform of podcasting fits in the content world, face-to-face conferences and masterminds, and the reasons to stay with a business after receiving buyout offers. 

Spencer grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and moved to Richland, Washington. Because of the influence of his entrepreneur father and because he grew up during the dot com boom (and bust), he started dabbling in website creation in 2005. Since then, he has learned how search engine optimization works and how to best build and grow niche websites. The best way to contact Spencer with any questions or comments is here.

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  • What is Link Whisperer and how will it help you
  • Is Rank Logic good for larger or smaller websites?
  • The best ways to use AI for content creation
  • Using AI for Listicles
  • SGE (Search Generative Experience) and SEO
  • Content development and marketing 
  • Separating your business from your life
  • How Spencer keeps up with the evolution of the industry
  • Books versus podcasts
  • The importance of conferences, masterminds, and business groups
  • To exit or not to exit, that is the question


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