RS302: Beyond Content Marketing with Doug Cunnington

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Rogue Startups
RS302: Beyond Content Marketing with Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington is an affiliate marketing, SEO, AI, and content marketing expert. Today, Craig and Doug chat about their experiences as founders and with web content, in hopes that they can learn from each other and pass along some tidbits of info to listeners.

AI-generated content is everywhere these days. The content marketing industry is split down the middle: they either embrace it or are pushing back. Is it worth it? Craig and Doug deep dive into their opinions on AI content, how they use it, and what the future of content marketing looks like. They talk about their cadence on YouTube and various other platforms. They also chat about exiting, retirement, and their paths now that they’re getting older.

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  • Doug’s journey to content marketing
  • Position yourself so you don’t have to react immediately
  • The constantly changing industry of content 
  • The value of a content marketing strategy
  • AI-generated content 
  • Scripting for YouTube: shorter, tighter videos
  • Entrepreneurship and SaaS as you get older
  • Feeding the YouTube algorithm what it wants 
  • Content strategy differences between YouTube and podcasts


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