RS300: What’s Killing Google, and Exiting The Startup Phase

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS300: What's Killing Google, and Exiting The Startup Phase

It’s the 300th episode of Rogue Startups, and it’s all about personal updates and professional improvements. Craig talks about where Rogue Startups started and what the future holds for this podcast and podcasting in general. What mediums will everyone gravitate toward this year? Who will win in this cage match between Google, YouTube, AI, SEO, and social media?

Craig also talks about where he wants to spend his time and energy in 2024. He has an ambitious but achievable goal of creating and publishing 200 videos on YouTube this year. Not to mention, he dives into this theory on personal engagement and personal content and how those things will change soon as well. Will they be more or less important? 

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  • Evolving in the podcast industry
  • The difference between podcasting and YouTube
  • YouTube versus Google
  • What is the medium of the future?
  • AI trends and what that means for writers
  • Personal engagement and personal content
  • Diversifying beyond SEO content
  • The goal is optionality
  • Growth from the awkward teenage years to a mature adult
  • Building the right system and getting the right team



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