RS299: YouTube Scripting Done Right with George Blackman

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Rogue Startups
RS299: YouTube Scripting Done Right with George Blackman

George Blackman joins Craig in this installment of the Rogue Startups YouTube series. They chat about scripting episodes and what you can do to prepare yourself for making successful videos. George has had years of experience working with successful YouTubers who have had millions of views on their videos, in part because of George’s scripts. 

George and Craig also discuss why scripting is important, how to use a teleprompter, and the pros and cons of riffing versus being intentional and planning content. On the topic of AI, they focus on how he utilizes AI for title creation. One example of a prompt being:

“I am writing a video based on a topic and a “grand payoff” that I’ll provide below. Based on these two components, what emotional transformation will viewers have experienced by the end? (Related to the Grand Payoff)

Question/Topic: [insert here]

Grand Payoff: Viewers will understand XYZ.”

George is a consulting YouTube scriptwriter based just outside London. He has written scripts for creators like Ali Abdaal, Noah Kagan, Creator Booth, and Mike Shake. His new course (”YouTube Scriptwriter’s Playbook” Course) focuses on systemizing the process of scriptwriting to maximize retention. It starts on January 12th. Join in at a discount by using the code: launch10.

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  • Improvising versus planned content
  • Find the key “punchy” moments from your notes
  • Sewing together mini-payoffs
    • Set-up, tension, and resolution
  • Start listicles with a punchy start, in the middle, and at the end
  • Thread in story elements and relevant personal anecdotes
  • How scripting saves time
  • Beginner teleprompter tips
  • George’s process for creating great videos:
    • Retention checklist: Information, progression, regression, and emotion
    • Creating and planning payoffs and tension
    • Repetition. Are you repeating information?
    • Clarity: conversational scripts that sound like yourself
  • AI and scriptwriting
  • YouTube versus Twitter/X
  • Tips for educational and informative videos
  • Analyzing your videos to create better content


George’s website

”YouTube Scriptwriter’s Playbook” Course Discount Code: launch10

Connect with George on Twitter/X


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