RS298: 3 Steps To Move Your YouTube Channel To The Next Level with Trent Haire

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RS298: 3 Steps To Move Your YouTube Channel To The Next Level with Trent Haire

Trent Haire drops some serious knowledge as he chats with Craig today about the three things that you can do to move your YouTube channel to the next level. Trent has years of experience and has worked with some major YouTubers by helping them go from little to no viewer and subscribers to thousands and even millions. In addition to his tips, they also talk about how B2B YouTube strategies differ from other YouTube channels, the importance of providing value first, and how YouTube stacks up to other social media platforms with shorter content.

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  • How to get over the hurdle and start making videos
  • Setting good expectations
  • Making progress and improving is the main goal
  • B2B strategies and how they differ from others
  • “Hiding your vegetables”
  • Top of Funnel content and conversion 
  • YouTube versus LinkedIn versus Twitter/X
  • Providing value first
  • Discoverability and search versus suggested
  • Tracking the stats on your videos and updating the packaging
  • Long-form videos versus shorts
  • Three ways to bump your channel up to the next level


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