RS297: YouTube Channel Teardown with Josh Howard

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Rogue Startups
RS297: YouTube Channel Teardown with Josh Howard

Today’s episode is all about YouTube SEO. Craig is joined by Josh Howard, YouTube expert. Josh shares his knowledge about how to rank your video #1, and how to be successful in constructing a dynamic script and structure for your channel and individual videos. He also shows this information in action by analyzing Castos’ YouTube page, as well as Ahrefs’ YouTube channel.

Josh Howard started his analytics journey with website SEO before transitioning fully to YouTube. He used his love of math, statistics (and spreadsheets) as a foundation for understanding how to succeed on YouTube. He helps his clients make better content, utilize YouTube in valuable ways, and understand the analytics behind their videos to maximize the performance of their channels.

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  • People don’t go to YouTube to buy things, they go for free information
  • Where SaaS companies should put their YouTube content
  • Targetting search trends and potential
  • YouTube, the middle of the funnel
  • One keyword, one article, one time
  • The balance of evergreen and timely content
  • Analyzing Castos’ YouTube channel
  • Constructing YouTube playlists well
  • Keeping long-form content relevant 
  • Call to Action on YouTube videos


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