RS296: Creating Great YouTube Hooks with Jake Thomas [YouTube Series]

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Rogue Startups
RS296: Creating Great YouTube Hooks with Jake Thomas [YouTube Series]

Today Craig chats with Jake Thomas from Creator Hooks about what SaaS owners and entrepreneurs can do to catch the eye of possible customers and viewers on YouTube. Jake started his journey to Creator Hooks when he landed his dream job as a marketing manager at a fishing company. There, he learned the most important thing about creating titles and content for YouTube: modeling other successful YouTube videos. In today’s episode, Jake talks about that process as well as the importance of authenticity, posting on different social media platforms, and how to position topics in a way that will draw people in.

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  • Building your YouTube channel without being someone you’re not
  • How older companies can stay trending: Edu-tainment
  • Types of content SaaS companies should produce
  • Competing in a saturated niche
  • Where to post different types of content on social media
  • Quick and dirty research tips
  • Quality versus Quantity
  • Positioning topics in an interesting way to get people to click
  • Topic and frame
  • How Creator Hooks can help you
  • Curiosity, Fear, and Desire
  • Split-testing thumbnails


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