RS295: SaaS Sales Masterclass with Matt Wolach

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS295: SaaS Sales Masterclass with Matt Wolach

Matt Wolach is a genius at closing. Today, Craig gets the opportunity to pick Matt’s brain. They chat about why most people don’t close deals and what they can do to fix that. They wax poetic about outbound leads. How do you generate them? Where does it work best? Not to mention, they also talk about their social media processes.

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  • Getting the next commitment before you hang up
  • The reason why most people can’t close
  • Generating outbound leads
  • Find your customers’ true problems
  • Land and expand strategy
  • Where and when outbound works best
  • Positioning yourself too low
  • Social media process
  • The importance of consistent value


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