RS294: The Reality Of B2B SaaS Marketing w/ Corey Haines

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RS294: The Reality Of B2B SaaS Marketing w/ Corey Haines

On today’s episode, Craig chats with Corey Haines, founder of Conversion Factory. They chat about what it’s really like to be a B2B SaaS owner including how to handle marketing, if it’s necessary to learn the ins and outs of development, and how client work can kick you in the butt so you can stay fresh all the time.

Corey Haines is a marketing-first entrepreneur. He aims to help people with exceptional products, services, and content get the attention they deserve. Corey focuses on entrepreneurship, building a portfolio of small bets to optimize for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. He is currently running Conversion Factory, Swipe Files, and SwipeWell. He has worked with dozens of startups on marketing and growth including Cordial, Baremetrics, SavvyCal, Bonsai, Evercast,, Holloway, Beamer, and Timetastic.

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  • Balancing client work with your own professional work
  • Working with a co-founder
  • How Conversion Factory helps their customers
  • Use cases and solutions pages
  • Package features together
  • “The More You Know, The Less You Know” Phenomenon
  • Staying engaged to stay fresh
  • Recognizing your own weaknesses so you can be stronger
  • The difficulties of coding and programming
  • Imposter syndrome and developing
  • Customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Always keep something in the pipeline for customers


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