RS293: The Risk Of Your Brand w/ Ed Freyfogle

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Rogue Startups
RS293: The Risk Of Your Brand w/ Ed Freyfogle

Craig and Ed chat about all things bootstrapping, personal branding, social media, and growth trajectory. They also do a bit of catching up. Ed provides a unique perspective on these topics in addition to trying to convince Craig to move back to Europe.

Ed is the co-founder of OpenCage which provides a geocoding API (which converts geographic coordinates to locations around the world). He also organizes Geomob which is an event series (and a podcast) that meets in London, Barcelona, and Berlin. Geomob provides a relaxed forum for geoinnovation and for geospatial enthusiasts. He is also an angel investor (occasionally) whose interests include geo, API-based businesses, developer tools, aggregation, SaaS, and messaging, based out of Berlin, London, and Barcelona. 

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  • The story and vision behind OpenCage and Geomob
  • Ed’s “Business Card” Tab
  • Founders being active on social media
  • Branding should be about the company and not the founder
  • Promoting on LinkedIn and moving to Mastodon
  • The future of Twitter
  • Finding the balance of what you can share with the public and what to hold back
  • Being invested in a podcast/podcaster’s journey
  • The framework of successful in-person meetups and events


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