RS291: Hacking Customer Research with Asia Orangio

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS291: Hacking Customer Research with Asia Orangio

On today’s episode of Rogue Startups, Craig chats with Asia Orangio from DemandMaven about customer research, marketing essentials, and how to stand out from your competitors. Asia also talks about what DemandMaven can do for their customers and how she gets value from Castos. Not to mention, the importance of clarity, dedication, and discipline.

Asia manages operations, strategy, and growth opportunities at DemandMaven. Her expertise includes identifying great SaaS growth blockers, leveraging insights from customer research, and operationalizing growth and marketing. 

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  • The story behind DemandMaven 
  • Talking to customers for quantitative and qualitative insight
  • The basics of customer research
  • Relative value reference
  • Website essentials
  • Positioning and providing value for customers
  • Distinguishing your product from your competitors
  • DemandMaven and clarity



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