RS285: Podcasting vs Youtube & Founder-Led Marketing with Rob Walling

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RS285: Podcasting vs Youtube & Founder-Led Marketing with Rob Walling

Today, Craig chats with frequent guest Rob Walling, entrepreneur and podcaster extraordinaire, about marketing and branding when it comes to SaaS businesses and podcasting. They also talk about utilizing YouTube as a platform for growing your audience. After writing a book, Rob has professional insight when it comes to writing for different mediums: long-form books, podcasts, not to mention, YouTube shorts, and videos. He shares the differences between each medium and the importance of leveraging your unique perspective.

Rob Walling is the founder of TinySeed, host of Startups For The Rest Of Us, and of MicroConf. Rob has bootstrapped multiple startups to exit, most recently Drip. He has been advising, mentoring, and investing in startups for more than a decade. He has also written The SaaS Playbook which aims to help entrepreneurs strategize and build frameworks from the trenches so they can grow successful SaaS companies.

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  • Rob’s process for writing The SaaS Playbook
    • Writing from a unique perspective
    • When to write a book
    • Writing for a podcast versus writing for a book
  • Writing content that fits your medium
  • Rob’s view on branding for podcasting, SaaS, and B2B
    • Feedback on web content and branding
  • YouTube content: shorts, long-form videos, trial and error
    • The MTV version of the content
    • Repurposing content and clipping segments on YouTube
  • Exploring layers for business growth
    • Founder involvement
    • Hiring a “Head of Growth”
    • The future of SaaS 


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