RS284: Next Level Marketing with Colin Gray

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RS284: Next Level Marketing with Colin Gray

Today Craig chats with podcaster and speaker Colin Gray about podcast marketing, community opportunities, and branding. Craig and Colin share their unique perspectives on the business of podcasting based on their years of experience as podcast hosts, CEOs of successful podcasting companies, and their passion for helping fledgling podcasters make their mark. Besides discussing their podcasting journeys, they also do a deep dive into how Colin promotes and nurtures a sense of community and how he utilizes Circle as a funnel for Alitu.

Colin is a podcaster, international speaker, PhD and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu. Colin has had more than a decade’s experience in podcasting. His mission is to help everyone get their voice heard. Before diving into the podcast world, he started out in astrophysics.

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  • Alitu, The Podcast Host, and Colin’s podcasting journey
  • Podcasting and the tumultuous economy
  • A place for mindfulness and staying mentally focused and healthy
  • What does community mean to Colin and Alitu
  • How does community engagement fit in with customer journey?
  • Mixed business models
  • Education on podcasting available to the community: YouTube and the Castos Academy
  • How do you know what type of customer to spend your time and energy on?
  • Credit cards, commitment, and churn
  • Big company marketing versus little startups 


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