RS268: Lessons Learned Hiring Standout Developers

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS268: Lessons Learned Hiring Standout Developers

What is the difference between a CEO’s mindset and an operator’s mindset? What are lessons you’ve learned about hiring good developers? How do you do a technical evaluation for possible developers?

As Dave nears his one-year reunion as a full-time entrepreneur with Recapture, he shares some of the lessons and realizations he had learned in the past 365 days. Dave and Craig wax philosophical about what the difference is between an operator and a CEO. 

Craig is getting ready for the Castos conference in Chicago. They reminisce about how much they’ve missed the camaraderie, the connection, and the experience of conferences. 

They also talk about the hiring process with new developers: culture fit interviews, interview no-shows, and the major shift in the job market right now.

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