RS267: Hazards of Growing a SaaS from Scratch

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS267: Hazards of Growing a SaaS from Scratch

How do you take your SaaS idea and turn it into a successful business? How do you build a SaaS business from scratch? 

In this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave is chatting with email marketing guru, Chase Dimond. Today, he joins Dave to talk about his new platform, EmailUp. EmailUp is Canva for email. He explains his vision for the business, the process of growing a SaaS from the ground up, building a brand, and finding product/market fit. He discusses the importance of design and how it fits in with email marketing process.

Chase also explains how he built a team that cares about EmailUp as much as he does. As a non-tech founder, he is in a unique position. There are specific problems that arise from coming up with an idea and relying on others to make your vision come to life.

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Twitter: @ecomchasedimond

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