How does quality control testing work in e-commerce? In the podcasting world and with abandoned cart recovery, it can be a hassle for smaller companies. In this episode of the Rogue Startups podcast, Dave and Craig talk about what they do to overcome the challenge of optimizing quality versus releasing updates and features in a speedy manner. What are the side effects of making a change on your website? Do you find team members with a specialty to be good at adjacent fields? 

Everyone wants good code to be shipped. The challenge of shipping good code can come from a disconnect between writing the code and testing it. Craig talks about shortening the time between staging and shipping code, to keep everything flowing smoothly and seamlessly. Dave talks about the balance needed between speed vs quality, and how to avoid shipping buggy software.

They also talk about how, in smaller companies, testing falls on the business owner. Business owners often have to wear different hats, but should quality assurance be one of them?

They would love to hear about your process. Do you run a small SaaS company? How do businesses with smaller teams handle scoping and spec’ing out a feature without dedicated people who handle QA? Do you hire someone specifically for testing? What are you doing to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Do you feel this impending sense of doom during this chaotic time for e-commerce?

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