RS247: Pricing and Communicating Change with Customers

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS247: Pricing and Communicating Change with Customers

In this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about some personal updates as well as some updates in business. Today it’s all about branding, marketing, and pricing. Dave dives in with a deep topic: pricing. While companies price on a lot of different dimensions, there are three popular dimensions for email/SMS marketing: per contact, per sends, and per value. But which model do you prefer? Craig offers a different perspective about tiers, metering, and sliding scales. He also talks about overhauling and refreshing the Castos website and app. They talk about successful and unsuccessful branding. 

How do you handle pricing? Do you experiment with pricing? Do you price on a sliding scale or with tiers? What are your opinions on rebranding? How do you communicate change with your customers?

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