RS240: Life Profitability with Adii Pienaar

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RS240: Life Profitability with Adii Pienaar

Today, Craig is talking with his coach Adii Pienaar about life profitability. Adii is a successful SaaS entrepreneur with three SaaS companies and two successful exits under his belt. 

In this episode, Craig and Adii talk about what it’s like being and having a coach. What are the benefits of having a coach? What should you be looking for in a coach? How do you know if you want to join a Mastermind Group versus having a one-on-one coach? 

They also go over Adii’s new book, the process of writing a book, and a new way of looking at work/life balance. Adii talks about life costs, building a business that is profitable for your life in many ways (not only financially), and trading time for money versus trading time for happiness. 

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