RS238: EOS Update and 2021 Initiatives

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS238: EOS Update and 2021 Initiatives

Do you use the EOS system? How do you gauge when to give your team a little bit of downtime? What are your 2021 goals and initiatives? What are your online and offline businesses and how do each of those marketing and business skills transfer over?

In today’s episode, Dave and Craig are talking about their holiday and New Year break, updates on Recapture and Castos, and what their 2021 Initiatives are. From quiet days at work to customers with no chill, it’s already been an interesting year of juxtapositions so far. They also briefly go over vanity metrics and what they do to analyze the numbers that really matter. The episode rounds out with the topic of EOS, level10 meetings (how they’re “supposed” to go), Craig’s goals for his team, Dave’s goals for Recapture, and Dave’s newest investment endeavor.

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