In this episode, Dave and Craig try to reflect on the good parts of 2020. They’re sharing eggnog stories as well as other holiday drinks and Christmas traditions that 2020 tried to ruin. Today, they tried to stay positive by talking about how the year allowed them to find time to exercise and bond with loved ones. They felt the absence of BigSnow and MicroConf but were able to maintain some of their work relationships remotely. Dave talks about learning some hard but necessary lessons in eCommerce. Craig talks about work/life balance. 

It’s been a year of difficulties, lessons and weirdness. How was your 2020? What lessons did you learn in that tumultuous mother of a year? Send us an email at And as always, if you feel like our podcast has benefited you and it might benefit someone else, please share it with them. If you have a chance, give us a review on iTunes. We’ll see you next week!