August 20, 2020

RS226: The Coronavirus Pivot with Alex Theuma

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS226: The Coronavirus Pivot with Alex Theuma

Show Notes

In this episode, Craig sits down with Alex Theuma (Founder and CEO of SaaStock). They go over conferences, the SaaS industry, and how the coronavirus is affecting everything. 

Alex talks about the perks and pitfalls of online conferences. He summarizes some of the lessons when transitioning from in-person conferences to online conferences. They also chat about likelihood of burnout in the current state of the industry.

Alex Theuma is an entrepreneur who knows the value of shared knowledge from those in a similar sector. He believes it’s his mission to share the newest ideas and connect the brightest minds in SaaS so everyone can benefit. Alex founded SaaStock with the goal of connecting a community of SaaS founders and investors in order to help SaaS companies get traction, grow and scale through SaaStock global conferences, local meetups, community, and content.

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