RS212: Reflecting On A Life Changing Exit

Rogue Startups
RS212: Reflecting On A Life Changing Exit

Welcome back to Rogue Startups. On today’s episode, I sat down with one of my oldest bootstrap web-world friends, Dave Schneider (formerly the co-founder of NinjaOutreach) to talk about SaaS, how our companies are doing, the current trends in the SaaS market, and Dave’s newest business (a digital marketing agency,

We also cover the tools we use to run our businesses, how Coronavirus has effected our businesses, where to make cost cuts (if necessary), and the possibly opportunities for pivoting and investing in small businesses after weathering this storm.

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Talking Points:

  • Our history and a bit about Dave
  • The perks of starting out (in the business) young
  • The lessons Dave learned when he was running NinjaOutreach
  • What Dave did after NinjaOutreach
  • The differences between a SaaS and an agency
  • Past and future plans
  • The level of negativity in almost any business
  • Customer support, customer-facing faces, and the vision for your companies
  • How Dave runs his agency
  • The tools that Dave uses to keep track of time, payments, and work
  • Pricing issues and considerations (“What is the average cost of…?”)
  • Creating and maintaining a remote team
    • Valuing experience versus personal references
    • Pod or bucket approach to hiring a remote team 
  • The changing times and bootstrap worries for the near future
  • How Dave is doing with the Coronavirus and his thoughts on the recession
    • A good to time to be careful, cut costs
    • Not a good time to launch something new



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