RS205: Productized Services At Scale with Jake Jorgovan

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS205: Productized Services At Scale with Jake Jorgovan

On today’s episode of Rogue Startups, Jake Jorgovan shares his thoughts about productized services, sales, and “almost” selling businesses. Jake owns and runs Lead Cookie (a LinkedIn, email, and phone outreach, lead generation, and prospecting service) and Content Allies (content marketing for consultants). Jake also has a website/personal blog, and a podcast where he talks about various business topics and the successful habits of agency owners and consultants.

Talking Points:

  • Jake’s background and introduction
  • The influence of your personal brand in your business
  • The difference a consultant, strategist, and salesman can make in a business
  • The transition when you hand off sales to a specialist
  • How Jake documents and how he works from those documents
  • Jake’s communication system
  • When to hand off responsibilities
  • How Jake compensates his salespeople
  • Jake’s story about how he almost sold a company and what he learned
  • What your brain goes through when you might potentially sell a company
  • Value vs Risk


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