November 27, 2019

RS196: Getting Outside Your Wheelhouse

Rogue Startups Podcast
RS196: Getting Outside Your Wheelhouse

Show Notes

Today on Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about when and why we should move horizontally in the podcasting world and in eCommerce. They talk about the pros and cons of moving horizontally and branching out, checkbox strategies, and when it can be a boat anchor instead of propelling you and your business forward.

Dave talks about the important milestone that Recapture just hit, the Recapture Black Friday stats, their upgrades, and Upstack and other services that match you with coding developers. Craig talks about Castos updates, potential changes in Castos, the Podcast Motor sales rep, and the Friction Factor.

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Resources Mentioned:
Podcast Motor
Radical Candor by Kim Scott, website

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