RS192: Do You Need A Mastermind?

Rogue Startups
RS192: Do You Need A Mastermind?

Today on Rogue Startups, Craig and Dave talk about masterminds, peer feedback, and a tweetstorm by Briana about Stripe. They go over the benefits of mastermind groups, the different types, and what makes a good one. They share their experiences, what they each need from a group, and how that’s changed as they grow as entrepreneurs. They also talk about the importance of community support and networks in business/SaaS, podcasting, and your own personal niche. 

Lastly, Craig and Dave share their thoughts on Brianna Wolfson’s tweetstorm about Stripe and why they are such an amazing organization. Craig brings up one of the best (and easiest) ways that he and Dave solve their problems with their teams. It is a great alternative to just hopping on a Zoom call.

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Resources Mentioned:

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Brianna Wolfson


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