August 14, 2019

RS184: Founder Mental Health

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS184: Founder Mental Health

Show Notes

This week Dave and Craig talk about something that none of us really love chatting about, but it absolutely needs to be addressed. How this path we’ve chosen is tough, full of uncertainty, and can definitely lead to burnout.

Dave has been feeling some frustration with consulting clients, and the cumulative weight of it is getting a bit much. A change might be on the horizon there for him.

Craig is definitely feeling a positive pressure from the need to perform now that Castos is part of TinySeed, and that pressure is bringing about several improvements in work style and lifestyle.

If you’re facing difficulty or trouble with your mental outlook as a founder, or if you’ve figured out how to master this beast let us know. Drop a comment in below or email us at

Resources Mentioned

Importance of breath on fear and anxiety

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