RS180 – Castos is Hiring, and B2B Facebook Ads teardown

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS180 - Castos is Hiring, and B2B Facebook Ads teardown

In this episode Dave and Craig catch up after a few weeks of interviews and weeks without updates.

From Craig’s side, Castos is hiring a full time, full stack marketer. They’ve got a bunch of really highly qualified candidates, but are still accepting applications through the end of July. If you’re interested check out the job posting below.

From Dave’s end the recent Cloudflare outage has been wreacking havoc on Recpature. Some of these really mission critical systems having outages is so hurtful to businesses that depend on them, but there’s no easy and sure way around it.

Craig also just got back from WordCamp Europe where he and the two Castos developers (Danilo and Jonathan) got together or the first time IRL. It was great to spend time together in person, and did some awesome development and product planning.

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