May 22, 2019

RS174: Getting All Political

Rogue Startups Podcast
RS174: Getting All Political

Show Notes

This episode is a slight departure from the normal startup-y banter between Dave and Craig.

After a horrific school shooting at the school where Dave’s children go there is a lot of unrest in the Denver community around school safety, gun control, and what everyone can/should expect at the intersection of those few parts of life. Dave and his family have understandably been shaken by the events of a school shooting, subsequent lockdown, and now the unraveling of emotions around it all.

Craig is launching Sustainable Startups a new side project (definitely not a business, but more of a hobby and passion project) around increasing awareness of the impact our businesses have on climate change…and what we can do about it. He’s creating a business community where member companies pledge to offset their carbon impact every year, and pledge to reduce their ecological impact on the world.

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