RS170: Doubling Down on What’s Working

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RS170: Doubling Down on What's Working

This week Dave and Craig catch up on their businesses after a few weeks without updates.

Craig is looking forward to the end of the year to put together a SaaS specific founder retreat in Tuscany, Italy toward the end of the year. If anyone is interested in joining head over to and drop in your email for future updates.

Dave has been riding high on some recent success with Recapture. Just doing more of the same things that have been working recently has lead to this success, along with finding a better pricing metric fit for his target customers.

Craig is moving on from Salescamp and it is officially for sale. If you’re interested in acquiring a profitable, albeit small, SaaS application with a ton of room to grow shoot Craig a message at – this is a great opportunity for someone either with Rails dev chops or an existing developer in place to grow a SaaS business with the beginnings of some traction.

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