April 1, 2019

RS167: Growing from $20k -> $100k MRR with David Henzel

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS167: Growing from $20k -> $100k MRR with David Henzel

Show Notes

During this episode, Craig speaks with David Henzel, entrepreneur and founder of MaxCDN.

David founded MaxCDN before selling the company years later. Now, he offers other entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from his experience during his online course, Managing Happiness.

Together, Craig and David discuss what it’s like to run your own business and the process of growing from a small start-up to a revenue-producing enterprise. Tune in to hear this insightful discussion!


  • The path from $10,000/month to seven figures.
  • The process of funding and selling MaxCDN.
  • Bootstrapping your start-up.
  • David’s leadership style.
  • Defining the company’s core values.
  • The benefits of remote working.
  • The bonus of hiring atypical employees.
  • David’s new podcast.
  • The process of growing your business.
  • Hours worked at home vs. the office.


David’s Website


David on Facebook


Managing Happiness Course

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