Today Dave and Craig catch up on their businesses with a few new developments on both fronts.

Dave has been completing several integrations for Recapture, including Carthook, EDD and several other shopping cart solutions. Interestingly some of the integrations that they’ve done are now waiting on approval from the integration partners…something good for us all to keep in mind next time we’re planning an integration is that not all of that is under our control.

Craig is back from a working vacation and has released 2 new things for Castos. The first is a Feedback Hub, which they’re using FeatureUpvote for, and is already getting some interesting insights to both SSP users and Castos customers feedback in their suggestions and what is trending towards being the most popular.

Also new to Castos is a swag store. is live and you can get some sweet “Let’s talk podcasting” tshirts and hoodies, and Castos mugs and hats.

Dave and Craig are talking through some observations in onboarding of late. The question is: are onboarding emails dead? Or maybe better yet are emails the best way to onboard new customers.

New tools like are taking a close look at how to better communicate with new trials and new customers, and it’s causing Dave and Craig to look at how we’re helping our new customers be successful in our apps.

Probably the best combination is in-app messaging and cues for the users as to the next steps they should take to get properly set up and start receiving value. Emails are an additive, persistent store of information that you can refer to at a later time, but asking your customers to leave the app to check their email is a total momentum killer…keep them in the app as much as you can.