February 28, 2019

RS163: Surviving Long Enough to be Successful

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS163: Surviving Long Enough to be Successful

Show Notes

This week both Dave and Craig are podcasting on the road. Craig his family have been on vacation for the past week visiting Marrakech, Morocco and is now in Barcelona for a few days hanging out with other bootstrappers.

Dave is in California and got up at 6:00 am this week to record this podcast episode!

This week Dave and Craig catch up on a few updates in their businesses, notably integrations that Dave is completing with Recapture ahead of a self imposed March 1st deadline.

Craig is looking for some DevOps/SysAdmin help with Castos. Someone based in Europe would be great (GMT +/- 2 would be ideal). Probably just a handful of hours a month but definitely need someone available while the rest of the team is working here.

Craig is also looking ahead to the next phase of Castos. The team (both development and marketing) will be focusing on ways to help customers make their podcasts more successful. This will be both in monetization and in continuing with their shows consistently each week.

Dave and Craig talk about an article by Nathan Barry about persistence in business and how to make sure you stick around long enough to be successful, but not so long that you leave time and effort on the table instead of doing something else.

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