January 14, 2019

RS158: Better Dunning, and Changing Prices the Right Way

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS158: Better Dunning, and Changing Prices the Right Way

Show Notes

Today Dave and Craig catch up about a few new developments in their businesses, discuss how they do pre-dunning and deal with failed payments.

First up is dunning and dealing with failed payments. Question for you the audience, how do you deal with failed payments after your customers have gone through something like a Stunning or Retain sequence and are now delinquent in their accounts? Drop a comment in below and let’s come up with some best practices.

The recent announcement of the change in pricing at Drip has caused a bit of a stir. But what can we all learn from this new development?

Dave refers to the price increase email by Nick Francis, CEO and Founder of Helpscout, in this episode (email available upon request at podcast@roguestartups.com).

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