RS154: Facebook Ads Teardown with Mojca Mars

Rogue Startups
Rogue Startups
RS154: Facebook Ads Teardown with Mojca Mars

Today Dave and Craig are welcomed by Mojca Mars from Super Spicy Media to talk all about Facebook advertising.  This is not some esoteric episode with theoretical advice for you.

Here we talk through real life examples from Craig’s actual currently running Facebook ads for Castos.

Mojca has some great insights for us all in this episode.   They include:

  • Always, always, always split test your ads.  Facebook makes this easy for you with their built in A/B testing functionality.  She says it’s easiest to start split testing images first, then when you land on the image that works best start testing copy changes
  • How to optimize your budget through the course of a split testing phase.
  • Common issues with targetting and lookalike audiences – make sure you’re actually targetting who you think you’re targetting
  • Setting up custom conversion goals inside your Facebook pixel are a great way to get granular level details about the business impact of your ads
  • Use custom images when possible. Tools like Snappa and Canva are great (and usually Free) ways to get started
  • Use images with people in them as opposed to stock images of just objects – they always perform better

Mojca has just released a comprehensive guide to Facebook ads for anyone who wants to learn more. Head over and use coupon code RS at checkout to get 15% off the price of the course.