RS145: CoFounders and Outside Funding

Rogue Startups
RS145: CoFounders and Outside Funding

Today Dave and Craig talk through things to take into consideration when adding any type of outside resources to your business.

Either taking a cofounder to compliment your existing skill set or taking outside funding will certainly move your business along faster, but each come with their own unique set of considerations.

Are your goals aligned with those of this outside stimulus?  Both in terms of the product/company vision and your personal goals? This is the place where in particular VC funding poses a problem for some founders.

Can you still bootstrap a company solo here in 2018? Absolutely.

But often you need to have a single competitive advantage over your existing competitors.  Existing traffic sources, better design/UI/UX, features that others don’t have, or a combination of several of these can put you on the path to success…but that path is long and potentially dangerous.

Having additional resources behind your business is certainly an advantage, but be certain that those are aligned properly and you will be happy with the result of that addition to your business.

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