In this episode Dave and Craig are catching up with some updates after a few weeks off, and digging into the differences between being a product leader vs. product visionary.

With summer in full swing Dave has been traveling with the family a bit and is already gearing up for the Black Friday holiday rush in the eCommerce world. It’s interesting to see the seasonal differences between his business and others in the SaaS/online business space and nice to see things picking up there earlier than some others.

Dave is also getting into the code on Recapture and working on a few features that he’s hoping will move the needle in the business, including an ROI calculator, which will be the first by any ecommerce email marketing tool.

Craig is just getting back from a 4-day conference at Podcast Movement. He met some great people there, including both industry partners and customers of both PodcastMotor and Castos. Overall the trip was a big success but was pretty long and left him feeling drained.

Craig’s spending the next 2 weeks visiting family in the US before heading back to France for the kids to start school.

In this episode Craig and Dave talk through the differences between Product Visionary and Product Leader in startups. Both have their strengths, and their time when they’re important in a business.

This episode was inspired by an article by Casey Winters: