Today Dave and Craig talk about raising kids and living in entrepreneurial families.

As our lifestyles allow us a lot of flexibility to moreso “live life on our own terms” it also poses a bit of responsibility to teach our children about things that they might otherwise take for granted.  For instance if your children see you working at the computer all day will they want to be like you in their careers or react and want to have a very offline profession?

Also Dave and Craig talk about the importance of teaching our children about money and value at a very young age. Nobody’s putting the kids to work just yet, but just how money have importance and value to allow us the freedom to do what we want is important.

Would love to hear from you about how living an entrepreneurial life has affected your family environment (with or without kids).  Drop us a line at and tell us some stories.  We’ll be sharing your input (if you’d like) on the next episode.